Lazarus_Girl (lazarus_girl) wrote in brittana,

Fic: The Lateness of the Hour [Glee; Brittany & Santana] (4/12)

Chapter Title: Treading Water [Santana]
Pairing: Brittany/Santana.
Rating: Mature.
Word Count: 2,740 words.
Notes: My take on the story of Brittana from its origins through to series four, told from both Brittany and Santana’s perspective. Roughly follows canon until 4x08 and departs thereafter. Later chapters focus more on season four events. Contains references to the boys Santana and Brittany date, but Brittana remain the focus of the story. A Bram free zone. Inspired by Alex Clare’s ‘The Lateness of the Hour.’ Written for @cargoes. Without her beta skills and encouragement, this story wouldn’t have made it past the first chapter.
Summary: “What good is loving someone if you can’t be in love with them?"


Tags: # type: fic, % rating: nc-17, & pairing: brittany/santana
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