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Fic: Our Day Will Come [Glee; Brittany & Santana]

Title: Our Day Will Come.
Pairing[s]: Brittany/Santana; Quinn/Santana (friendship).
Rating: Mature.
Word Count: 17K+ words.
Notes: Follows canon up to 4x04 and departs thereafter. Written for and prompted by @steeltraintouch. Huge thanks to my beta and creative partner in crime, @cargoes for the poem that appears in the second chapter. It wouldn’t be the same story without it. Inspired by the Bob Hilliard and Mort Ganson classic, ‘Our Day Will Come.’ I listened to Amy Winehouse’s version a lot during the process of writing. Contains my own alternate headcanon about how the girls met and where Santana fits within the Pierce family. Click here to see the face claims of featured secondary characters.
Summary: After a year alone in New York, Santana returns to Lima to see McKinley’s Class of 2013 graduate. With Quinn’s encouragement, Santana and Brittany have slowly begun to repair their relationship, but things are not what they once were.

“Brittany’s always been unfinished business.”

Both chapters here

Tags: # type: fic, % rating: nc-17, & pairing: brittany/santana
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